About us

We have been brightening the lives of many by the execution of various civil engineering works since 1987. We have given the best to our customer with the help and dedication of our professionally experienced Engineers.The main thing that can be taken as our highlight is the commitment to quality workmanship and timely delivery of projects which has created a vast base of customers . The good will earned from the customers has become the most valuable assets for the company to grow rapidly and consistently.

Our Vision

Environmental values and quality construction materials which makes customers our advertisers.

Our Mission

Mission of our company is to deliver maximum value for minimum money according to customer need and within their budget.

  • Customer based company.
  • Customer can decide the rate per square feet according to their choice and wish.
  • Discern Homes makes the customer’s dream come true with in customer’s Budget.
  • We are giving 10 year warranty for our construction (legally signed) first time in India
  • W e are providing 24 hours security system in all our projects.
  • Discern Homes includes bio gas plant in their projects so that your kitchen work can be disposed without any tension.
  • Also we are providing a vegetables garden on the terrace for each and every Villa.
  • Apart from this we are doing interiors, Exteriors, Roofing, Buiders, Renovation and all maintenance works.

Our Specialities

  • Timely completion of projects in all aspects.
  • Complete client satisfaction with the use of latest technology.
  • Most economical completion of projects.
  • Continual use of advanced techniques for material and advanced technology for delivering best quality to our client.
  • Development and maintenance of unmatched reputation for excellent contract performance.
  • Creation of lasting values and rewarding experience for our staff.

One of the basic principles of Discern Homes is to thoroughly understand the job, work place, working environment and conditions. We acquire information from the client and the site and use it for the betterment of the project and pass on any critical information to the client or consultant for timely completion of the project.

Contact Address

DISCERN homes Pvt.Ltd.
39/4083/C2, Krishnanjali Building,
Sannidi Road, Ravipuram
Cochin -16

Ph: 0484 401 9339
Mob: +91 9497 034 301
Email: discernhomes@gmail.com